Busy Backpack Membership

We offer our members a unique cultural and creative experience while studying in UK, come to enjoy a wonderful overseas life with Busy Backpack!

What is Busy Backpack membership?

Busy Backpack membership is subscription package for customers to enjoy our service, events and workshops. 

Within our membership, you can:

  1. cultural and creative information events weekly newsletter update.

  2. enjoy discount of our partners up to 25% off.

  3. Up to one year personal-tailored UK experience plan.

  4. have all other special member's service.

How to become a member?

  1. Please read terms and conditions carefully before purchasing membership

  2. Click payment link to open our product page and choose one of our membership options, then click "purchase" to proceed payment.

  3. You will receive an invoice right after you finish the payment.

  4. We will send you a membership certificate and member's handbook (PDF) as soon as your membership is confirmed.

  5. Do remember keep your certificate on your phone when you require member's benefits.