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About Us

Busy Backpack engages international students with the UK arts, cultural and creative communities. 

The story behind it is every overseas student carries their favourite backpack with them and hope to gain as much as valuable skills, knowledge and experiences while studying abroad and bring them back with their favourite backpacks. However, many of them tend to forget about this. 

We are passionate about creating a better overseas experience for international students, helping them integrate into local culture and communities. 

As founders we have been through that the painful stage which most of students are facing right now, culture barrier is something we have to pay attention to.

Our Team

Weiting, Shiyu and Brook, three of us met at Newcastle University. During our courses, we have noticed that many international students have difficulties to integrate into the local communities, most of them felt isolated and can not fully enjoyed their overseas life. We want to make a change in the society by connecting international students with a wider local communities, including arts, cultural and creative sectors in order to enrich their overseas study experiences. 

Three of us are specified in different areas such as music, fine art, film and photography, fashion, dance, travelling, baking and different cultures. We collaborate with a variety of artists, photographers, film-makers, writers, dancers, fashion stylists, and more. 


Weiting huang

Wei Ting graduated from Newcastle University with two masters degrees in MA Cross-Cultural Communication and MA Arts, Business and Creativity. Apart from education, she has a wide experience of working in the creative and music industries.

She travelled in 18 countries and lived in 3 continents, including China, UK and New Zealand. She believes to live a life with passion and empower more people to do so. Busy Backpack's ethos is embracing creativity and diversity, connecting people from different backgrounds, and creating valuable experience for people.


Shiyu Liu

Shiyu has learnt both Chinese and Western painting for 13 years, while she has developed a solid background in fine art and exhibition curation. In China, she worked in International Hong Kong Photography Festival and the City Museum before came to the UK. 

She studied MA Arts, Business and Creativity at Newcastle University. She has a strong capacities of copywriting and branding on social media. Shiyu is taking care of the company’s branding, design, and copywriting for Busy Backpack public faces. 

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Brook gou

Brook studied at University of Nottingham in Ningbo, China, and he graduated from MA Media and Public Relations of Newcastle University. Brook is a street dancer, he was the president of dance society in the university and actively involved in dance events both in China and UK. 

He is passionate about bringing people together through dance and music. He has skills and knowledge in DJ, music production, and acting. He acted as leading actor in many music and story videos produced by university TV station including one with over 86 thousand views. I’ve acted one movie ‘Light me up’ in China.