Busy Backpack Ltd

Busy Backpack is a UK-based online community platform that aims at helping international students engage with the UK arts, culture, creative and business sectors, which includes offline workshops and events. Our mission is connecting people at a cultural level and creating more opportunities in terms of cultural exchange and trade.



We organise events 

We organise different types of events for international students, helping them get engaged in the local communities, and gain more interesting experience while studying abroad.

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We organise workshops

We invite fantastic guest speakers to deliever  empowering and creative workshops in music, dance, film, fashion, food, photography and other culture and creative sectors for international students.  We help students develop their interest and skills.

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Our Partners


We build relationship with universities, culture and creative companies and organisations, shops and restaurants and awesome freelancers.

We enhance the connection between our customers and our partners.

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Get Involved

You are not just getting involved in a small business, you are getting involved with a new community embracing diversity and creativity.  Be a part of Busy Backpack, we can nurture this new startup together and let it to be strong and powerful.


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To be part of our crew, give out your voice to others, help this community grow healthily, meet more interesting people.



seek for a partner

If you have an idea to cooperate with us, or you are looking for a way to open international market. If you are talented creative group or individual looking for new opportunity. you are more than welcomed to contact us.


feedback and Query

One small simple feedback may give us a huge help for improving Busy Backpack. We always appreciate those who support us selflessly.